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Wes/tech BCS Trenchers

BCS 732 GX11

$4,850.00 / $4,550.00 Sale Price

Blade Guard w/Depth Guage Wheel, Blade, Wire Feeder Assy, Spool Mount w/Brake, Handlebar Brace, Wire Guide,  Honda(R) GX340 11HP & Differential Drive.  

BCS 722 GX8

$4,025.00 / $3,825.00 Sale Price

Blade Guard w/Depth Wheel, Blade, Wire Feeder Assy, Spool Mount w/Brake, Handlebar Brace, Wire Guide, 4"x10" Wheels & Honda (R) GX240 8HP.

BCS 739 (PS) GX11

$4850.00 / $4,550.00 Sale Price

PowerSafe Features:  Hydro-mechanical "wet" clutch (requires filter change), immediate stop to unit & implement without shutting down engine upon release of operator presence handle, parking brake, much slower 3rd gear working and/or transport speed.

Additional info

BCS 722/732/739 Trencher Kit - $1,200.00

Blade Guard w/Depth Wheel, Blade, WireFeeder Assy, Spool Mount w/Brake, Handlebar Brace, Wire Guide, BCS Tiller Gearbox & Blade Flange.

BCS Tractors - Five Year Commercial Warranty

Includes all components located inside the transmission housing, but excludes the clutch assembly and tiller gearbox.  However Powersafe hydraulic clutch featured in 739 carries a 5-year warranty for commercial use.

Honda (R) Engines - Two Year Warranty

BCS Features

* Honda(R) GX240 8HP (722) & GX340 11HP (732 & 739).

* Front brush guard.

* All gear drive, automotive-style clutch, independent power take-off (PTO rpm controlled    by throttle setting).

* No belts or chains.

* Forward or counter rotating (reverse) drive.

* Handlebars adjust side to side and up & down for better maneuverability and transport    options.

* Differential drive & lockout for easier turns (732 & 739 models).

* Wheel weights available.

Wes/Tech Parts

Trencher Blades  - The Cooler 21 tooth radial 14" AR400 steel with mining grade carbide tips.  Excellent multipurpose blade, aggressively rips through hard ground & roots, yet handles easier ground nicely with less destruction.  Noticeably reduces the strain on the Honda (R) FR600/800 machines.  Available in 3/8" / $250 & 1/4" / $235

Wire Feeder Upgrade Replacement - $85.00

Fits existing feeder mount.  Solid one piece design for more strength & durability!  Beveled front edge, handle locks open or closed.  Replacement Foot - $55.00.


Wes/Tech BCS Trenchers are shipped completely assembled & ready to work, or if you prefer, order a kit to install on your locally purchased BCS.  Prices do not include shipping & handling.


BCS 722 Parts Diagrams (pdf)


BCS 732 Parts Diagrams (pdf)


BCS 739 Parts Diagrams (pdf)


BCS Gearbox Instructions (doc)


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